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National Park Sutjeska

National Park Sutjeska

The National park Sutjeska is the largest and the oldest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it's located in the Eastern part of the Republic of Srpska.  It is founded in 1962 and since then it is offering its natural beauty to tourists who gladly come back to this place. The park covers the area of Sutjeska River, including the strict natural reserve Perućica, highest peak of mountain Maglić (2368m), as well as mountains Volujak, Vučevo and Zelengora. Perućica is the largest and best preserved primeval forest in Europe where any human impact is strictly forbidden. It displays unique ecological features including the world's tallest Norwegian Spruce tree with the hight of 57,8 meters. Due to its extraordinary natural resources national park Sutjeska is enlisted in the second category of IUCN – International Union for Conservation of Nature.


National Park Kozara

national park kozara

The Kozara National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in Republika Srpska, which was proclaimed a protected national forest in 1967. With over 33 square kilometers of dense forest and hilly meadows and situated between the rivers Una, Sava, Sana and Vrbas, Kozara has earned the nickname 'Green Beauty of Krajina'. 180 square kilometers area of the park is open to regulated hunting of deer, pheasants, foxes, boars, hares, and ducks.


Spa Tourism In Srpska

 Spa Tourism In SrpskaThe Republic of Srpska is rich in natural thermal water and currently has nine operational spa facilities. Many of them offer medical treatments. The most famous include Laktaši ( - a spa known since the Roman empire - and Slatina (, which offers a selection of modern wellness treatment as well as spa Mlecnica (


 Jahorina Mountain

Jahorina Mountain

In 1984, Mount Jahorina played host to the world during the Winter Olympics. Just 30 years later, it remains an excellent destination for winter sport. Jahorina Olympic Ski Resort is the biggest and most popular ski resort in the region and offers a variety of outdoor sports and activities. It is primarily a destination for alpine skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and sledding, with over 25 km of ski slopes and modern facilities. Stretching 1,916 metres above sea level, Jahorina is normally covered in between one and three metres of snow during the winter. The average snow depth on ski runs during February is 106 cm.

Orlovača Cave

Orlovaca CaveFormed over millions of years, the cave is home to archaeological findings from the Mesolithic era and other prehistoric fossils. Adventurous explorers and nature lovers should not ignore the numerous caves that are worth visiting in Republika Srpska. Orlovaca cave (near the town of Pale), and Vaganska cave, near Šipovo, are the most interesting examples.


Adventure tourism

Adventure tourism srpska

A unique natural environment and organized offer of an active vacation enable one to experience in full river flows and rapids, beauty of diverse flora, as well as sightseeing of interesting cultural heritage. Lead by well-trained skippers, you will experience unforgettable moments going down the most beautiful parts of canyons of Vrbas and Tara rivers which appear to be top rafting destinations nowadays.

In 2009, The World Rafting Championship was held in this area, and it brought together competitors from five continents, 35 countries, 56

Tara river canyon

kanjon tare

Tara River is one of the most admirable rivers in Europe with 80 kilometer long canyon which is, with its 1,300 meters of depth, the deepest river canyon in Europe and the second one in the world (after Colorado River canyon). For all those eager for some adventure, there are rafting clubs that organize memorable rafting tours in this river and provide accommodation in camps at the very shore.


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