Invest in Srpska

Invest in Srpska

Republika Srpska is becoming a favorable investment destination due to the combination of its geo-strategic location, its wealth of natural resources and the well educated and trained human capital. Added to that, there is the growing number of initiatives and regulations that  are being continuously introduced aiming to improve the investment and business environment that has become one of the main priorities.

It must be noted that already the income and corporate tax rates, VAT, employee contributions are among the most competitive in the region. Due to agreements with the EU, when it comes to trade, the majority of goods and products are traded as between EU countries while doing business is as easy as “setting up” in the EU.


Energy sector


Republika Srpska's natural resources wealth creates a favorable environment for energy related investments. The rivers and more specifically the availability of proper locations are still an opportunity for hydropower plants construction and operation. Republika Srpska is also rich in coal reserves with numerous coal mines in operation.

The government's aim is to diversify and focus and assist investments in renewable energy. It is a strong belief that the potential exists for RS to become a leader in the regional renewable energy production. The government's aim is to diversify and focus and assist investments in renewable energy. It is a strong belief that the potential exists for RS to become a leader in the regional renewable energy production.

Industry sector

Industry sector

The wood industry has the leading role and is of strategic importance. It generates more than 16% of the total production and 21.4% of the total exports of the manufacturing industry while it employs the 19.3% of manufacturing workers. The wood industry generates the largest surplus in manufacturing industry’s foreign trade. Significant sectors are the metal and electric industry, the textile, leather and footwear industry and the mining and geology fields.

Agriculture sector

agriculture sector

Republika Srpska has one of the highest percentages of arable land (0.952 ha per inhabitant). Lands of fertile soil, access to pure water and the combination of clean air enable the high quality agricultural production in general and the possibility of organic productions more specific. It is worth mentioning the abundance of medicinal and aromatic herbs, more than 400 varieties, in RS which is the result of the numerous combinations of local micro climates and landscaping terrains.

The livestock sector exists and maybe has the greatest potentials hen considering large scale organized farming and processing units. 

Tourism sector

Tourism sector2

The tourism sector is at a development stage, far from reaching its true potential, if one considers what Republika Srpska has to offer. Visitor numbers are continuously growing the past few years as road infrastructure is improving and transportation options are increasing. The great investment opportunities lie in the possibilities of eco and adventure tourism, in the beauty and abundance of mountains, rivers and mineral springs. Investment in hotels, tourism related real estate but also tourism related services.

Construction Sector

Construction Smaller

A growing number of companies are active in the construction sector. These include highly qualified architecture and civil engineering offices as well as companies specialized in hydro engineering, insulation and installation/mounting.

Also increasing are the companies engaged in the construction material industry. Extraction of rock, gravel, sand, clay and kaolin, as well as companies manufacturing cement, lime, gypsum, ceramic and brick products.

Trade sector

Trade sector

The sales, wholesale and retail, of goods as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, milk and flowers are constantly increasing. Despite the fact that the majority of the above mentioned goods are usually traded at wholesale markets, they are currently no such organized facilities in RS, ie. a wholesale market place with supporting storage areas.

Healtcare - PPP sector

Healtcare PPP sector

Republika Srpska is among the pioneers in the region who introduced PPP (Public-Private partnerships) as a form of financing healthcare services, and the experience has been positive. The past few years, Republika Srpska has been investing significant funds in the healthcare sector. Still, there is great potential for investment in the sector, namely expansion of existing facilities to increase capacities, enrichment and improvement of the healthcare services offered, as well as the introduction of new services in the field of spa tourism. 

Financial services

Financial services

Republika Srpska has established a normative and legal framework in the insurance sector, significantly harmonized to the E.U. Regulations.

It is further planned the development of new insurance services, the adoption of tax incentive legislation for insurance services (life and pension insurance), as well as the development of the local capital market.


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